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Spam Filtering Service


Ollar Consulting is delighted to announce the launch of a much improved spam filtering and virus blocking service in association with our technology partner AppRiver. After extensive testing on our own heavily spammed Ollar.Com domain, we have found this solution to be by far the most effective at blocking spam and viruses that we have tried. We are so impressed with the efficiency of this service and the benefits that it brings, that we would like to recommend and offer this service to you.


  • Spam & virus capture rates of over 97%.
  • No-hassle setup – quick set up and easy management with technical changes taken care of for you.
  • Updated and monitored 24/7 - spam and viruses identification rules are continually updated to ensure protection from spammer innovations.
  • Flexible filter and policy settings – control your own settings to always allow email from trusted addresses.


As a managed email filtering service, the hardware, software, and maintenance necessary for spam and virus prevention are taken
care of for you.

  1. When you sign up for the [Reseller] solution, every email that is sent to your domain is subjected to a constantly refined blend of proven filtering techniques. Spam and viruses are proactively identified and blocked before they effect your operations.
  2. After viruses and spam emails are intercepted, the remaining legitimate e-mail is delivered directly to your account.
  3. Finally, an offsite mail quarantine holds intercepted mail for 5 days so you can check for“false positives.”

In addition, you have access to an online management interface to create and refine "Whitelists/Blacklists" and view real-time spam/virus statistics at your will.


To begin enjoying a more efficient and safer email solution, call Ollar Consulting today at 231-929-7144.

Once you sign up, you need do nothing else. We will make the necessary technical changes for you in order to activate your new spam and virus filtering solution.


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