Ollar Consulting, Ltd. provides a wide range of services for its clients. We design, implement, and support local and wide area networks; assist with the selection and implementation of accounting systems; assist with office productivity tools such as spreadsheets, word processing, electronic mail, and databases; and provide general consulting services and technical support. Additionally, we have developed an expertise in strategic system planning, wide area network design, data communications, and database programming.

The premier service offered by Ollar Consulting, Ltd. is system integration. Because of this, most of our clients utilize some form of network. These networks range in size from two or three stations connected to a local area network to networks of a hundred or more workstations connected to other networks and to multiple mid-range and mainframe host platforms. Ollar provides an extensive list of additional client services:

  • Assistance with the selection and implementation of accounting systems
  • Assistance with office prooductivity tools such as: Spreadsheets Word Processing Electronic Mail and Databases Design
  • Implementation and support of local and wide area networks
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • General consulting and technological support
  • Internet consulting
  • Recommending software and/or hardware for systems
  • Security Analysis
  • Apple hardware and software selection and implementation
  • Cisco networking selection and implementation

Ollar Consulting also holds expertise in strategic system planning, data communications and data programming.

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