Security Reviews and Audits

Security Reviews and Audits are an examination of the adequacy of your existing security measures and policies against current threats and vulnerabilities. This is to identify lapses and weaknesses so that improvements can be undertaken to ensure that your security measures are adequate in mitigating or avoiding the potential threats and risks in your environment.

As an external consulting firm, Ollar Consulting presents the benefits of an independent assessment without causing disruption to your daily operation. You will be able to identify the weak links in your security chain and be in a better position to strengthen them.

Ollar Consulting's consultants will provide an unbiased assessment of your security measures that serves to uncover the true magnitude and causes of any lapses. Working with your in-house security team, we will identify gaps and weaknesses and make recommendations to enhance them.

Our consultants' recommendations are based on a cost-effective analysis that justifies the investments made in security. From the management's perspective, an external consultant provides an objective and unbiased assessment of issues often not apparent internally.






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