Ollar Consulting, LTD. was founded on a single premise: to help clients grow and succeed through the effective use of technology. Whether it be computer system support, networking, system design, data management or simply bringing fresh systems ideas, Ollar Consulting’s commitment has been helping companies grow for over 25 years.

Ollar Consulting’s team of technology professionals is what elevates Ollar above the competition. Bringing experience from a broad spectrum of industries (medical, manufacturing, oil and gas, hospitality, accounting, banking and law) the staff at Ollar provides clients with the knowledge and experience they demand.

Goal & Philosophy

Our goal as a professional firm is to help clients be successful through the effective use of technology. To support this goal, Ollar Consulting, Ltd. is directed by a philosophy of independence, the core attribute that sets us apart from the competition and defines Ollar Consulting, Ltd., as a premium consulting firm.

The firm maintains its independence throughout software and hardware selection. Because Ollar Consulting, Ltd. does not sell network hardware or network software, we feel that this allows us to design and support systems without the bias that comes with reselling hardware and software. By not being driven by margins or quotas, our sole concern is developing systems that meet our clients' needs.

Although we do not sell hardware, we do select specific equipment and applications, request quotations from various vendors as appropriate, order components, and install those items purchased. This allows us to help our clients get components from multiple vendors based on price, availability, service, and support.

In addition to our philosophy of independence, Ollar Consulting's staff embody two additional core ideals: effective communication and commitment.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the core to any relationship, therefore, it is the heart of our staff's interaction with clients. Beginning with initial client meetings and carried through every conversation and site visit, the staff is committed to thoroughly explaining the task at hand, outlining proposed steps, and readily answering questions or listening to comments.

Communication between the staff is also a key value. We feel that no single staff member should "hoard" information, thereby resulting in inefficient client support. To enable information sharing, Ollar Consulting, Ltd.'s staff maintains detailed site notes for all aspects of client interaction. These documents provide the basis for which staff can easily assist each other in their client responsibilities.


No matter how simple or complex the problem, large or small the client, Ollar Consulting, Ltd.'s staff is committed to providing the most professional, responsible, and thorough service to their clients. Through maintaining independence and utilizing effective communication skills, we provide a perspective found only in premium consulting firms.


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